Below are just a sample of the testimonials for the American Dream PlannerTM by users and the media.

CPA Technology Advisor
“…masterful designed interface that retains excellent ease-of-use and functionality…”¬†
5.0 Stars РEase of use/basic functionality 
4.0 Stars – Calculations
5.0 Stars – Client presentation tools
4.5 Stars – Help, support and training options
4.5 Stars – Relative value

John Olsen
The MOST IMPRESSIVE financial and estate planning software I’ve seen in 10 years.

Robert D. Lovett PhD
This program is the most flexible software I have ever reviewed. It performs functions and financial analyses not available in other programs. Not only does it not restrict my ability to define asset classes but encourages accurate treatment of asset classification. It also analyses the effect of trusts on portfolio return projections.

Another major benefit of the program is the ability to provide interactive communication with client and advisor. Interactive financial planning is the future of this industry and American Dream Planner provides that ability.