Who we are

The American Dream Planner, LLC is a business centered on a software solution originally created by James Hamers, Attorney at Law in 2001 and was a result of his years in estate planning (since 1979).

The software application was created to fill a void in existing products and a volatile estate tax code environment which continues to plague planners today. Existing software was and continues to be any one or more of the following:

  1. too expensive,
  2. too simplistic,
  3. too difficult to learn,
  4. too industry specific (i.e. limited to the needs of just one set of professional advisors rather than all categories of planning professionals.), and
  5. fails to include the client in a meaningful way.

Because the American Dream PlannerTM integrates all aspects of a client’s wealth and tax planning techniques, it provides a common platform for the entire team of professional advisors to share ideas and develop practical solutions for their clients using the same information.

Now, with our version for AndroidTM the client has a means to be a participating member of the planning process.

Most importantly, it includes the ability to share these ideas in a secure manner with others using the software.

It is designed to meet the needs of all of these professional groups (and not just one or two):

  1. Academic
  2. Accountants
  3. Attorneys (estate planning and domestic relations)
  4. Financial Planners
  5. Bankers and Relationship Managers
  6. Insurance agents (life, disability income, long term care and business buy-out)
  7. Trust officers
  8. Real estate agents

While the American Dream PlannerTM is a sophisticated software product, its unique split screens offer an intuitive interface. This ease of use means that it can be used by advisors who are new to their profession as well as to those who have developed an expertise after many years in practice. With a learning curve that spans hours instead of weeks, the advisor’s time can be spent more productively producing planning alternatives than having to learn (and re-learn) the software.

All planning software should incorporate all aspects of a clients wealth, income and expenses. The American Dream PlannerTM is no exception. The application was purposefully designed to make it highly engaging and visually appealing; not just for the client but, more importantly, for the advisor and the advisor’s staff as well. After all, if the advisor isn’t engaged, how can one expect the client to be involved in the planning process. The advantage that the American Dream PlannerTM offers is that it will in fact be used rather sitting idly on a desktop unopened.

James Hamers, the developer of the software, imposed other requirements which makes the software different from all others:

  • It had to be fast.
  • It had to be “point/click simple” so the user can quickly get to any item with just 3 clicks of the mouse or less.
  • It had to keep track of planning choices (on screen) and be able to toggle those choices on/off to see the impact of those choices.
  • It had to be comprehensive and product/service nuetral with no bias to any planning choice that might be made.
  • It had to be able to share solutions with all members of a client’s team of advisors.

We believe we have not only met, but exceeded these goals. See for yourself and if you have any comments, please send us an email with your thoughts.