An unlimited number of combinations of financial and estate planning choices can be made the in Windows version of the software, all of which constitute a scenario. Creating scenarios is one of the great strengths of the Windows version of the American Dream PlannerTM. A new scenario can be created without having to re-input all information. Instead, scenarios can be built based on any existing scenario making the process of creating alternative choices quick and easy.

Click the links to view scenarios in the American Dream PlannerTM.

Scenario compare display


Using the scenario compare function, any three scenarios can be compared side-by-side. Pie and line charts are available with current year on the left and projected year on the right. Tabular data discloses where the values differ as between each scenario displayed.

To see the differences between any two scenarios, use the scenario compare report function. Any differences between scenarios will be highlighted in yellow to make them easy to identify.