Advantages and benefits

The American Dream Planner software solves the age-old problem of how to integrate a comprehensive number of choices that constitute a financial and estate plan in a manner that the client (and the client’s advisors) can understand. The American Dream PlannerTM seamlessly integrates all of its financial, estate and tax planning functions into a single application. You can produce results literally in minutes which would otherwise take hours to accomplish.

Advantages provided the American Dream PlannerTM software include:

  • It is fast … very fast and quick to learn.

  • It provides instantaneous feedback with its unique split screen showing inputs and output displays side by side. Its intuitive interface is highly interactive and visually engaging.

  • It exposes problem areas that might occur well into the future allowing the advisor to recommend different courses of action in an effort to eliminate or minimize the negative consequences of those problem areas.

  • It compares alternative courses of action side by side to determine which provides a better overall solution to a client’s goals.

  • It captures and holds the attention of the client (and the client’s advisors) and allows the client to take ownership of the solution.

  • The software creates “talking points” for discussion within a client’s team of advisors and allows each member of the team to stress-test any recommendations by each individual member or by the entire team of advisors.

  • It has a robust report structure that allows the professional user to create a report that is as long or as brief as is needed: no more 100 page reports when only 10 pages are needed.

  • It integrates multiple financial planning choices with income, gift and estate tax analysis and other legal planning options with no additional modules to buy. It is not limited to investments but includes unlimited real property and business interests all of which can be bought/sold throughout the projection.

  • Creating scenarios is quick and easy because you do not have to retype in data. Instead, you type only the choices that modify an existing fact pattern and save those choices as an alternative scenario.

  • It is product neutral. The software does not sell or recommend any product.

  • It is “solution” neutral. The software does its calculations without any internal bias and does not recommend or favor any one solution over another. It makes no value judgments on the choices made that constitute a planning scenario.

  • The software is the result of years of development by an estate planning attorney with more than 35 years of experience.

  • All attributes of wealth and planning choices are accessible to develop a comprehensive plan that is unique to each client.

  • It is a cross-platform for financial planners, insurance professionals, attorneys, accountants, asset management companies and trust service providers to share ideas and solutions to help a client best meet his or her goals.

  • Monte Carlo simulations using standard deviations can be applied to any two scenarios at the same time covering all attributes of wealth, income and expenses.

  • It is an independently owned and operated U.S.A. company.

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