Private/White Label

A Private/White label of the American Dream PlannerTM version for WindowsTM and the version for AndroidTM can be delivered with custom on-screen and printed materials in web-delivered and/or stand alone versions of the software.

All reports (graphical and text-based) can be modified in a manner that meets full compliance approval.

We assist in the design of Microsoft WordTM documents that use the mail merge functionality of the software in a manner that meets full compliance approval. The mail merge function allows the corporate home office to generate and deliver approved text based forms in a highly cost effective manner. New forms can be generated a little to no cost to provide timely updates to client contact materials.

Company specific information can be integrated into the data entry screens of the software making the preparation of accurate plans and reports easier and more accurate and to meet compliance requirements.

Connections can be created to in-house or 3rd party CRM applications to assist in customer needs.

Links to other company products or services can be built into the inputs of the American Dream PlannerTM along with “mouse hovers” to convey messages.

Features and functions of the application can be enabled/disabled to best match the full range of skill sets of corporate representatives.