What the software does

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Financial and estate planing is just not about what a client owns. It’s all about the purpose and choices that are made to create, preserve and transfer wealth for personal and legacy goals. What the American Dream PlannerTM software does is integrate those goals in a seamless and interactive manner.

The American Dream PlannerTM is software designed to change the way financial and estate planing is done because is allows a client’s professional advisors to participate in the planning process in a collaborative manner, to literally build a community centered around the needs of their clients.

It will tell you what your client needs to earn from investments. It will analyze when and how best to sell real property and business interests. It shows the benefit that life or long term care insurance can provide and what could happen if the client doesn’t have it. It will display what happens if your client puts into place legal techniques including bypass, marital, charitable remainder and grantor retained annuity trusts and business entities, and what will happen if the client doesn’t. It will tell you the benefit you can provide to your charitable as well as your individual beneficiaries.

The American Dream PlannerTM allows you to make any combination of choices as you create a personalized financial, retirement and estate plan for your clients.

It will clearly and quickly show the effect of those choices and allow you to compare another set of choices to determine which is best suited to meet the client’s goals. It won’t place value judgments on those choices and does not introduce bias to the planning process.

The American Dream PlannerTM provides a simple to use yet comprehensive platform that the client’s entire group of advisors can share ideas. Although it handles a myriad of financial and legal planning techniques; it does not favor one method over another. Those choices are ultimately the client’s and the software allows the client to take ownership of his or her choices.

The American Dream PlannerTM for AndroidTM puts the power of the software in a phone and tablet app that anyone can use to build a plan and test their choices.

The American Dream PlannerTM exists to show the impact of your recommendations in a highly interactive and compelling manner.

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