Videos – Windows

Click to view training videos of the American Dream PlannerTM for WindowsTM. These videos provide a means to quickly learn how to use the software. Except for the introduction video, each of these training videos last on average 2 to 3 minutes. Contact us for web-based or live on-site training sessions. We recommend that you first watch the videos highlighted in bold.

Save and SaveAs
Bypass trusts
Gifts: Annual
Gifts: Business interests
Gifts: Charitable
Expenses Discretionary recurring events
Expenses Discretionary single events
Expenses Education
Expenses Installment debt
Flow Chart
Scenario Compare
Insurance to pay estate taxes
Insurance for long term care
Insurance for long term care single premium
Investments Liquid Accounts
Monte Carlo Overview
Monte Carlo Standard Deviations
Real property debt
Real property depreciation
Real property rental income
Real property sale
Trusts Charitable Remainder Unitrust
Trusts discretionary
Trusts Grantor Retained Annuity